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Freightways is a leading provider of express package services throughout New Zealand, with complementary business servicing the information management and business mail sectors with delivery of approximately 200,000 items each business day. In addition to its extensive nationwide network, Freightways offers a worldwide delivery service through alliances with international express package operators.

Freightways employs a multi-brand strategy within the network courier segment of the Express Package market via New Zealand Couriers, Post Haste Couriers, Castle Parcels, NOW Couriers, SUB60 and Kiwi Express brands, and provides secure express package services through Security Express. This strategy allows Freightways to successfully segment the market by meeting varying customer service and price requirements.

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DX Mail

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DX Mail is a niche player in the New Zealand postal services market, catering specifically to business mail customers nationwide. As a specialist business mail delivery company, DX Mail is the only dedicated nationwide business mail alternative to New Zealand Post, providing a fast and cost effective service to targeted customers.

Established in the 1970s as a document exchange system primarily for the legal, travel and financial sectors, deregulation of the New Zealand postal market has enabled DX Mail to expand its range of services to offer a total mail processing and delivery solution to the general business community including box-to-box delivery, domestic street delivery and international delivery.

DX Mail is currently developing electronic e-service opportunities such as secure identity-verified, digital communications and e-commerce initiatives that are designed to complement physical mail distribution and traditional workflows.

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