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Invite other people to sign Docx, Doc, ODT, ODS, Xls, Xlsx, RTF & PDF documents

For many businesses signing contracts or obtaining customer signatures in order to close a deal often proves challenging. The traditional paper process is often time consuming and costly and may take a few days or several weeks to complete. With Secured Signing technology you will be able to close deals and sign contracts within minutes.

Simply create your document, add it to Secured Signing Service and invite your business associate, customers, suppliers, partners or others to sign.

We Sign key features and benefits:
  • Invite others to sign
  • Invite a witness
  • Broadcasting – Mass invitee list
  • Create signature workflow
  • View and monitor signing process status
  • Email notifications and reminders
  • Trusted Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature
  • Legally binding
  • Verify validity of signatures
  • Sign remotely from anywhere, anytime
  • Efficient paper-free environment

Watch a Demo to see how it works


Need to invite a list of signatories to sign a document? Broadcasting allows you to do it with just a click of a mouse! With this innovative feature, you can invite all customers / shareholders / employees/ parents to promptly sign business documents, company policies, waivers, permission slips, and many others.

Select the preferred method to create your signatories list:
  • Manual – manually add your signatories’ details
  • Secured Signing List - choose from your Secured Signing existing list.
  • Import Signatory List – import your list in xls, xlsx, or csv file format.

Smart Tag

Secured Signing’s Smart Tag technology automates document creation and streamlines the invitation and signing process to enhance faster document turnaround and better user experience.

Smart Tag technology enables the addition of a signature placeholder during the document formation process that includes:

  • Signatory’s details: full name, email address
  • Personalised text
  • Ability to define signature type: full or initial
  • Option to choose the sequential order of signers

Smart Tag further unique characteristics:
  • Smart Tag can be used with MS Word, and PDF document file formats.
  • Smart Tag supports fill-in fields’ option that enables the simple addition of a Field Tag on a document that has to be completed by both invitee and signatory.
  • For increased security, an SMS can be sent to the invitee as a two-factor authentication function for document access or to complete the signing process.
  • Smart Tag Workflow supports the ability to identify a specific workflow name, and to initiate its application from the Secured Signing system. (Workflow initiation involves additional setup fee costs).

Download Sample Smart Tag Documents

Download Smart Tag Guide