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25 November, 2011

Today, most companies are using online communication (websites, iPad, iPhone, etc.) as their first point of contact with their customers or clients. Actually, businesses from a variety of industries will testify that numbers are increasing by the day. Whether it is part of their marketing and sales strategy, or business operations, this represents a new and challenging market reality, particularly for small businesses and practitioners such as health professionals. 

In this area alone, recent research (19 October 2011) done by the pharmaceutical and healthcare market research company Manhattan Research, showcases the outcome of this significant digital transformation: among 8,745 adults surveyed in the U.S., 26 percent have used their mobile phone to communicate and manage their health care or treatment. This has more than doubled since 2010 (was 12 percent).

The result of this study points to the ever-growing expectation and prevalence of usage of advanced technology between clients and their healthcare providers. We can include in this the legally compliant and secured digital signature solution that allows for the substantial and integral signing process of documents online. It enables patients with browser-based PC or MAC, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices to fill-in and sign their registration forms, medical history forms, payment cancellation policies, and many others from anywhere, anytime, prior to their medical appointment.

The benefits for the health providers are equally significant: they save time, cut operational and processing costs, improve efficiency, and most importantly, are able to focus their professional attention where it is needed the most, on the wellbeing and healthcare of their patients.

Till next time,

Cheers, John       


18 November, 2011

In today’s fast-paced digital world a quick transition to eliminate the paper trail is essential. City Councils invest time and money in technology to migrate to a paper-free working environment, yet continue to break the electronic chain and find themselves immersed in paper because of a requirement for handwritten signatures to accompany any transaction.     

Signing documents online using the legally compliant digital signature solution changes it all with just the click of a mouse! City Councils who use the advanced service shorten and streamline their work processes, slash costs, speed up and enhance business communication, increase staff efficiency, and significantly improve customer service to their local residents.

An example of a successful implementation lies within a Council’s procurement department. Council officers and suppliers can sign their contracts promptly and easily online and eliminate the need to handle a large number of pages and documents.   

The crucial user-based PKI digital signature property that provides each user with an exclusive signing key that seals the document, safeguards the signatory’s authenticity and integrity, creates a non-repudiation transaction, and allows Council management to rest assured they are meeting all local Government standards.        

And, did I mention the Green factor?!

Till next time,

Cheers, John


9 November, 2011

“An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” Victor Hugo

The fast growing worldwide implementation of digital signature technology among industries and businesses of all types and sizes exemplifies Victor Hugo’s words. Yet, reaching tangible great success requires not just a good idea, but also excellent execution.

Secured Signing’s cloud computing, user–based, PKI digital signature compliant service combines the two, and offers five simple choices:

I Sign: Add document to the service, position signature field on the selected page/s and sign.            

We Sign: Add document to the service, position signature field on selected page/s then invite others to sign. Broadcasting feature allows inviting mass invitees with just the click of a mouse. 

Form Filler: Create a Form, save as a template and then drag and drop Form fields such as Company Name, Full Address, and others, for your invitee to fill in and sign.   

Form Direct:

  • Fill in and promptly sign an electronic Form on the web or your desktop (with PDF reader, browser – PC, Mac, and Mobile devices).
  • Publish Forms in PDF format for invitee to Fill In and sign online.
  • Embedded online Forms in your website for invitees to fill in and sign with link to Secured Signing.  

Customised Solutions:

  • API integration to your system.
  • Thorough customisation of Secured Signing to fit your needs, with full private labelling option. 

And a final reaffirming (yet, not surprising) note: latest publication by Quest Software (7 Nov, 2011) states that due to increasing need for mobility and collaboration, cloud-based solutions “are among the top technologies tipped to take off in 2012.”

Till next time,

Cheers, John