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29 March, 2012

For recruitment agencies, meeting their clients’ recruitment deadlines is considered mission critical!

When Evolve Scientific Recruitment, a leading Australian technical recruitment company with offices around the country, had to place a large number of mine labourers on very short notice, they looked for an innovative solution that would allow them to promptly get candidates’ signatures on the dozens of forms required to meet legislative and occupational health conditions.

Kym Volp, Queensland State Manager at Evolve Scientific Recruitment explains that her clients’ need to see their candidates’ onsite as fast as possible, but with all essential paperwork fully and adequately completed so they could begin work. “With the mail system, people would inevitably forget to send back all the documents or they would accidently omit a signature somewhere.  Even when we tried e-mail, candidates would need to print and then post back because people don’t generally have access to scanners.”

Secured Signing’s Form Direct solution provided Evolve with an efficient, cost-saving, and professionally branded (logo and colours) recruitment electronic workflow and process. The user-based PKI digital signature technology ensures integrity and authenticity of the online signing forms, while the system’s compliance with worldwide electronic signature laws guarantees validity and legal enforceability.

Evolve’s consultants are able to sign and invite candidates and employers to fill-in electronic forms and sign, manage and oversee the signing process, and view progress reports online and in real-time. Additional features such as the automatic e-mail reminder are priceless, and Ms Volp adds: “this invaluable feature has reduced time and frustration for all concerned. We just set the deadline for each candidate, and the system takes care of the reminders for us.”  According to Ms. Volp, candidates, clients, and the Evolve Recruitment Scientific team are extremely happy with the outcome of implementing the Secured Signing solution: “The technology is totally embedded in our business now.”

Sam Walton once said: “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary,” and the Secured Signing’s solution achieved exactly that for Evolve! 

Till next time,

Cheers, John


14 March, 2012

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinci

The latest ‘Mobile World Congress’ took place in Barcelona between Feb 27th – 1March 2012. The list of distinguished Keynote speakers ranged from Bret Taylor, Facebook’s CTO, to Rene Obermann Chairman & CEO Deutsche Telekom (speeches can be found on the Conference’s website). As I was unable to attend, I searched for related interesting content and comments. John Konczal (IBM) describes in his post a Conference environment that was dominant with Cloud computing technology and its unique solution: “The promise of simplicity”. Couldn’t agree more - no software or hardware to purchase, install, or manage, in addition to other obvious benefits including efficiency, and satisfied customers to name a few. Almost heaven for users, yet, not that simple. As providers of Cloud service and consumers of others, we are actually often caught in what John Maeda calls the “simplicity paradox”.

In his book ‘The Laws of Simplicity’, Maeda (Professor in MIT) describes this paradox as a desire we have to get something simple and easy to use that comes with expectations to simultaneously obtain with it complex things we want it to do. His book offers a guide of ten laws for balancing this paradox in business, technology and design. His tens law, which he calls “The One”, says “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious, and adding the meaningful.”

From the first design of the Secured Signing’s PKI digital signature Cloud service, the team works continually and tirelessly to provide a simple electronic signing experience that offers multiple solutions for a variety of businesses and industries worldwide. The wide selection of essentially easy to use choices for signing documents online are all abiding Maeda’s important principal. The ISign, We Sign, Form Direct, Form Filler, and Form n’Go, along with its customised solutions are all parts of true simplicity in human-technological interaction. 

Till next time,

Cheers, John.

2 March, 2012

The decision to adopt new technology is influenced by multiple factors. The obvious ones include innovation’s typical features, the economical climate, and the organisational environment. The more hidden ones present sociological and psychological challenges. Even the most efficient and cost-effective technological development will meet resistance from individuals who fear the ‘new technology in town’. This is very much like what happened when electricity was first put to use and people questioned its safety and whether they really needed it when gas lights worked just fine. 

The Secured Signing user-based PKI digital signature service is a favourable technology implemented in the Cloud computing environment. Users from small to large businesses in a variety of industries are using this innovative, successful platform. However, knowing the market we work in, many still carry the ‘electricity fears’  or we should call them now ‘Cloud fears’? and may require incentives to overcome these inevitable barriers. You can invite customers to use your system for free with no obligation while experiencing firsthand its qualities and advantages, or you can provide information and solid facts that will enhance the chance of positive decision making. It is with the latter in mind that I choose to share with you the following two items:

Quentin Hardy, New York Times’ technology deputy editor, titled his latest blog (Feb 24, 2012): “The Week the Cloud Won”. This heading emphasises a change we are proud to be part of: the global move into Cloud-computing based systems. In his blog, Hardy presents the latest earnings’ reports from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and that reflect, in his opinion, a faster move into the Cloud than anyone previously anticipated. While the hardware-based companies reported lower earnings and outlook,’s fourth-quarter revenue and projections are on the rise (38 and 30% respectively).

A study done by BSA Cloud Computing Scorecard, assessed and ranked readiness for the Cloud technology among 24 countries accounting for 80 percent of the global ICT market. In its executive summary the authors wrote: “In small and large enterprises as well as government offices around the world, one thing has become perfectly clear: Cloud computing marks the next contribution that software and computing technologies will make toward greater productivity and expanded economic growth.”

And as Henry David Thoreau once said: “No way of thinking or doing, however ancient, can be trusted without proof.”  

... and I’ve just provided you with two valid examples! 

Till next time,

Cheers, John