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31 January, 2013

Digital Signature Approved

On the 17th January 2013, the E-Signature Summit for Banking Executives took place in New York with close to 200 top leaders who examined primary digital strategies in the banking industry. Penny Crosman (from the acclaimed publication American Banker) wrote that at the conference, “both bankers and lawyers testified to an emerging legitimacy of e-signatures in the world of banking” with examples like the Royal Bank of Canada that makes extensive use of the technology, and the US Bank that has already extended e-signatures to its 3,000 branches.    

In the quest to eliminate the last remaining paper and reduce time and costs for mortgage income verification, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - in a move that sees an entire loan process completely automated - recently allowed for electronic signatures to replace the traditional wet-ink signatures,. “The current process for requesting a borrower’s tax return transcript is labor intensive and time consuming, “ said Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) president and CEO David H. Stevens in a statement on the company’s website. “With this announcement, the IRS is making this process much easier and more efficient...allowing for electronic signatures will save time and reduce the likelihood of errors or loss of documents. This is a win for consumers and lenders alike.” 

The IRS recently published (22 January, 2013) Announcement 2013-8, seeking recommendations to formally identify an e-signature set of standards for the tax industry. In its release, the IRS suggests five essential signing requirements that relate to the type of electronic signature: signer’s intent, association of signature to electronic record, ways to recognise and authenticate the signer, and the intention to keep the integrity of the signed document. 

Secured Signing service, market leader for advanced electronic signatures, provides all the above, and much more! On a daily basis, our worldwide customers experience the compliant and most secure user-based PKI digital signature technology for filling-in forms and online signing of documents - complete with individual digital certificate for user’s authentication, proof of ownership and intent, and exclusive verification tools.  

And, as Greg Anderson once said: “The Law of Win/Win says, let’s not do it your way or my way; let’s do it the best way”.  

Till next time,

Cheers, John


18 January, 2013

eSign for Recruitment

Jo McKendrick describes in Forbes (Sept. 2012) seven predictions for cloud computing in 2013. In his article he relates to recent research analysis by Forester and Gartner saying that “Cloud computing is this year’s hottest topic...already a force to be reckoned with on the business technology scene.”   

Entire Recruitment, an Australian key player in employment solutions, recognised the significant benefits the technology has to offer, and approached the Secured Signing PKI digital signature cloud service. Our team designed and built a comprehensive customised solution that now allows the company and its candidates to digitally fill-in and e-sign forms, accelerating its employment procedures in a secure and compliant environment.       

In today’s competitive business atmosphere, while candidates and employers are looking to work with recruitment companies that meet all legislative and occupational requirements, they expect them to utilize the latest technologies that provide flexibility with certainty, instead of the lengthy old-fashioned methods which may delay or obstruct their crucial employment processes.       

Secured Signing provides us with a commanding lawful solution that eliminates constraints of location and time zone, supplies a powerful tool to manage and monitor the candidates’ signing process, cut costs, improves work efficiencies, and brings many extremely appreciative customers.” Kevin Amedee, Director, Entire Recruitment.   

And as Alan H. Meyer once said: “The best ad is a good product.”

Till next time,

Cheers, John