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24 June, 2013

bookkeepers solution

You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.” anonymous

Bookkeepers’ today’s job?  Financial statements, accounts, balance sheet, debit and credit...Yesterday’s methods? Moving papers around, missing information, delays...Tomorrow’s business? Already here!

When Linda Nicolas, Registered BAS Agent, and Principal at Numerus Business Services required customers’ signatures on BAS lodgement authorisation and engagement letters, she found herself entangled in a long and dated process. She was no different to managers surveyed in a recent study commissioned by Adobe Systems Inc, which found the majority of them still relied on hard copy to get contracts signed.

D. Casey Flaherty, a corporate lawyer who overviewed the above study results in his latest article ‘Rethink Ink: Digital Signatures Are Faster & Safer’ (Law Technology News, 1June, 2013) was very expressive with his view about the latter: “Such madness needs to cease. Electronic signatures are an idea whose time has long since come.” 

Ms. Nicolas would definitely agree with him. She approached Secured Signing, the compliant User-Based, PKI, digital signature, SaaS solution, which enables her to invite customers to securely sign financial documents online. The essential practice significantly shortens her bookkeeping business processes, offers real- time process management, up-to-date progress monitoring, and upon completion, provides a detailed audit trail to all parties involved.

In Nicolas’s own words: “the Secured Signing solution saves me and my clients the lengthy, inefficient process of sending the document, printing it out, signing it, scanning it, and delivering around. It also solves the problem of a document’s poor quality by the time I get it back. I no longer need to try and remember who has signed and who hasn’t. I just lodge the document, and reminders are sent automatically until the online signing process is completed.”    

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Cheers, John.