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19 July, 2013Saving Costs

Choosing new innovative technology that’s right for your budget can save you money and maximise value. Javelin Strategy and Research’s latest study (9 July, 2013) provided additional proof that this is true.  Their findings, following an online survey of more than 18,000 consumers, showed an estimated $1.5 Billion US dollars a year can be saved by banks and the financial industry by using digital channels.  

Rackspace, in partnership with the Manchester Business School and the Vanson Bourne Market Research Group, conducted a survey of 1,300 UK and US businesses that used cloud solutions during the period from December 2012 to January 2013. Their irrefutable conclusion showed 88% of respondents indicated a benefit of cost savings, with 56% saying the cloud helped them to boost profits.  

Secured Signing’s personalized digital signature cloud solution fits perfectly with the above findings. Besides greater efficiency, productivity, and ease of online completion and signing of documents, users in small to large businesses are eliminating a significant amount of their variable, fixed, and directorial related costs. Whether it’s Jason Farrugia, Manager Strategic Procurement at Yarra Ranges Shire Council, Kevin Amedee, Director Entire Recruitment, or Kym Volp, Queensland State Manager, Evolve Scientific, (to name a few), there is nothing like Harold Geneen’s sentence to sum up the Secured Signing’s experience: “It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance is reality.”         

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Cheers, John.


1 July, 2013

winning eSign solution

Our business world is comprised of Enterprise and Small to Medium Businesses (SMB’s) that are unable to avoid the technological changes that became common best practice. These changes include the adoption of digital signature SaaS (Cloud based) solutions. As a leading service provider for customised electronic fill-in and online signing of documents, we are often asked the about suitability and benefits to either of these type businesses:

For Enterprise – A recent publication by Ombud Open Research (27 June 2013) states that “Adoption of eSignature solutions has empowered visionary enterprises to lead their industries by streamlining entire business workflow into end-to-end digital processes. Companies who are interested in eSignature solutions to replace slow, complicated, manual processes are driving efficiency, reducing costs and improving the overall customer experience”.

According to their findings, enterprises that used the eSignature solution saw an 80% average reduction in turnaround time, $20 dollars average savings per document, and a fast rate of customers' acceptance in the first two weeks, 90% of US Bank customers adopted the use of eSignatures for account opening. 

In Yarra Ranges Council (Secured Signing’s customer) Procurement Officer’s words: “Timeframes for signature of Evaluation Reports and Contracts have reduced from 1-2 weeks into a matter of an afternoon. Cost and time saving is literally immeasurable, and has paved the way for us to move wholly into a paperless office.”

For SMBs – Microsoft’s latest study (Barry Levine, 14 June 2013) regarding overall SMB's Cloud implementation and perception revealed that 70% had saved money and time, and in turn, allowed them to invest back in other business areas, with 94% of participants reporting they now have security benefits they didn't have before. 

Secured Signing enables us to finalise deals and to sign contracts with our worldwide customers within minutes. Our ability to efficiently close those deals results in a positive response from our clients and therefore increased sales.”  John Kavanagh, Director, ASC Migration Pty Ltd.   

Ian Grayson’s latest statement (25 June) in The Australian sums it up perfectly: “SaaS is rapidly becoming the new normal.”

Till next time,

Cheers, John.