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17 December, 2013

SSL Reaches New Highs

At this time of year, we are busy examining last year’s events and achievements, while engaging in predictions and plans for the coming one. Whether it’s our personal life or work journey, and whether we aware of it or not, no one escapes this inevitable meaningful process.   

On December 3rd, Forbes released IDC’s Top Ten Technology Predictions for 2014. The one that definitely stole the title of the list was about the spending on Cloud Computing in 2014, which is predicted to reach the $100b mark!

The research firm explains this colossal figure with the inclusion of cloud infrastructure, software, and payment for service. Furthermore, their results envisage a dramatic increase in services’ specialised areas, raise of data centres’ numbers, and a battle for cloud developers that will enhance this inevitable growth.

So, where do we fit in the above picture, and what does our soul searching reveal? Well, in 2013 Secured Signing’s customer base expanded remarkably with new users of our innovative Pay As You Go plan, from companies who required our customised concepts or businesses, and organisations that chose to use Secured Signing’s compliant and comprehensive digital signature and eForm solution as is.

Growing involvement with a variety of industries throughout this year revealed a significant transformation from paper-based business processes to electronic ones. Besides a search for improved efficiency, reduction in operational and processing costs, easy implementation, and other obvious advantages, the customers’ decision to adopt our Cloud service is primarily due to Secured Signing’s high and unique level of security offered: the User’s Encrypted Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature Certificate that seals and protects your electronic document and automatically detects and notifies of any changes. 

And as for 2014 plans? An exciting new website, incredible new cutting-edge features, and of course, our continuing renowned professional customer service.            

I would like to finish this year’s blog with a sincere Thank You for your continued support, engaging comments, and ongoing contribution. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a Great Festive Season, and a Healthy, Happy New Year!

Till next time,

Cheers, John.