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3 June 2014

Growing awareness of the significant role of IT within government agencies is nothing new, but few in the industry anticipated the significant development that took place a couple of days ago: the Australian Federal Government announced its new budget for 2014-2015 that approves about $1.26 billion in ICT investment: a jump of almost 40% compared to its 2013-2014 budget (The Australian, May 2014).   

On top of that, the Queensland State Government just introduced its compulsory “cloud –first” policy in which, according to Queensland Technology Minister Ian Walker, government agencies who look for services are required to examine cloud solutions first. During his interview with The Australian (27 May, 2014), Mr. Walker acknowledged not all services will suit a cloud technology model, but he emphasised those who won’t include a cloud alternative in their ICT purchasing process would be asked to clarify their decision.

Forrester’s recent overview (19th May, 2014) stresses the above and suggests the test for cloud computing be shifted from ‘understanding the technology’ to ‘selecting the right partner’. According to their report, the following cloud computing characteristics will define the quality of a chosen solution “agility, autonomy, scale, flexibility and pay-per-use”. 

Secured Signing, the Australasian trusted personalised digital signatures cloud solution, fulfils each and every one of their conditions:

  • Agility – Online signing process and data collection (when completion of forms is required) takes minutes instead of days or even weeks, which in return speeds-up business processes and operations  
  • Autonomy – Account holder has sole control over use of system: e.g. decision about number of users/ invitees, number of documents signed, position of signatures, time management, etc.     
  • Scale – Ability to increase number of documents, e-Signatures, and users instantly and without the software hassle    
  • Flexibility –
  • Variousplans to suit different needs
  • Multiple numbers of users / documents
  • Sign on any device
  • From anywhere, at anytime
  • Pay-per-Use Secured Signing’s popular and unique ‘Pay as you Go’ plan for businesses and individuals offers the true value of Software as a Service the ability to pay only for what is needed and used

And as the famous proverb says: “A promise is a cloud; fulfilment is the rain.”   

Till next time,

Cheers, John