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26 Feb, 2015

Last month we launched a major update to Secured Signing with both a dynamic new look and feel and a bunch of new features.  Everything weve done with this upgrade is informed by talking to people across Australia and New Zealand to understand how we can make their work life simpler.

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will step through everything that is new and shiny with Secured Signing, the PKI Digital Signature platform. Were really happy with how its turned out and we dont want you to miss anything!

This post highlights the contemporary, flat design that youll notice as soon as you hit the front page. The new design reflects the current move to simpler, cleaner presentation that emphasises clarity over ornamentation. But the beauty here is more than skin deep.

Secured Signing now uses a dynamic layout or responsive design. With a responsive design, things dont fall off the right edge of the screen, or end up so tiny as to be unreadable on smaller screens. Instead, the layout changes dynamically keeping everything between the edges of the screen and easy to read.

The value of the responsive design is most noticeable on mobile devices avoiding the need to pinch to zoom. Secured Signings standards based approach means that the service has always worked well on mobile devices. The responsive design of the new site makes it even easier.

We know support for mobile devices is important to our customers. For example the feedback we received from H&R Blocks District Managers was that being able to sign documents immediately, wherever they were when the invitation arrived, avoided massive backlogs of documents that ate into their weekends. So improving the Secured Signing experience on mobile devices was a key priority for the redesign.

Next time well look at the Reroute and Decline options weve added to the We Sign process. If you cant wait, you can always check out the How It Works pages and get a sneak peek!

Till next time,

Cheers, John.