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8 July, 2015

As a Secured Signing customer you can brand both your invitation emails and the signing page your customers see when they sign. It is a great way to reinforce your brand image and give your customers confidence to eSign online.

The invitation to sign a document will often follow some contact from you. Having a logo the customer recognises at the top of the email helps them recognise the invitation as the document they were expecting to receive. When they click the link to sign, seeing your familiar logo is further confirmation they are on the right track to quickly and easily signing your document online with a secure digital signature.

Many Secured Signing customers also take advantage of email templates to provide specific instructions and information in the invitation email. Of course you can also attach documents that do not need to be signed to the invitation email.

A recent change has been to extend the branding options to include the signing page in We Sign process. When your customer clicks the link in the invitation email, the signing page is what they see next. The new We Sign branding option allows you to add your logo and a link to your website to this page.

Setting up your email and We Sign branding is done with a few mouse clicks in the My Account page. Click My Settings and youll see a Branding option.

Turn on the email branding and then click the Email Branding button. You will be prompted to add a logo and then stepped through options to position the logo, provide your website details and the sign off to be used at the bottom of the email invitation.

Similarly, enable the We Sign Branding first and then click the We Sign Branding button. Upload the logo youd like to use on your signing page and provide your website details.

All Secured Signing accounts are able to tailor email invitations and the We Sign signing page with your logo and your website details. It is quick and easy to setup!  So log in to Secured Signing now and go to My Account  My Settings and Branding to get started.

Till next time

Cheers, John.