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August 31st, 2016

Secured Signing customers across a range of industries have been able to wipe out the costs and time lost to manually recording compliance with their consumer protection obligations.  Implementing a tailored signing workflow allows them to demonstrate process based compliance.

Consumer protection is a good thing. When we are buying something it is great to know that there are rules to make sure we get a fair deal. One form of consumer protection is making sure the purchaser is aware of their rights. Someone buying something or signing up to an agreement may also have a cooling off period in which they can cancel the transaction without penalty.

For businesses, complying with these consumer protections can be costly and time consuming.  They key thing is being able to demonstrate that the customer was made aware of their rights, or provided the required documentation or that the transaction was not processed until after the cooling off period. The traditional approach has been to have checklists or acknowledgements that the customer needed to sign. For cooling off periods, a manual process to log dates and times and set reminders to proceed to the next step are required. All of these manual, often paper based processes waste staff time and create risk if they are not diligently followed.

Moving to what I call process based compliance can remove this costly overhead from your business. Some examples will help explain.

For customers in the financial services industry, Secured Signing have delivered tailored signing workflows that display all declarations required by their legislation. Before the customer can sign the document, they must first acknowledge these notifications. Having this process based compliance makes it easy for these companies to demonstrate that the customer simply cannot have signed the agreement without being advised of their rights.

Automated cooling off periods have been included in the online enrolment solutions Secured Signing has delivered for the education industry. On completing the application form, a letter of offer is automatically generated, immediately signed by the applicant and their details written directly to the student management system. The workflow then waits the mandated 48 hours before inviting the student to complete the loan application. The time stamp of the digital signature in the letter of offer will always be at least 48 hours earlier than the time stamp of the digital signature in the loan application form.

Both these examples demonstrate how having compliance requirements built into your signing workflow and enforced by Secured Signing, delivers a process based compliance that is automated, highly reliable and avoids wasting staff and customer time. With the increasing regulation applicable to all industries, the wasted effort and cost in traditional approaches to demonstrating compliance will continue to rise. Now is the time to make the change to online signing with compliance baked into the process.

Contact us to find out more about a process compliance solution specific to your needs.

Till next time

Cheers, John


August 1st, 2016

Giving your people a simple way to securely sign documents online is a key capability in equipping them to be mobile and agile. Online signing that delivers a personal, PKI based digital signature is the only way to ensure authenticity and reliability for your signed documents.

In the post industrial world we have the freedom to work wherever we want. At least this is the promise of mobile computing. It is a stark difference to the industrial world where steam engines gave rise to mechanisation. The power of steam reduced the physical load on workers, but the trade-off was you had to go to the machine to be able to work. And thus the factory was born along with the time suck that is commuting. For office workers, paper files, face to face meetings and expensive office equipment were the equivalent of the steam engine forcing people to go to work to be able to work.

Portable computers, the digitisation of our everyday work tasks and the ability to remotely access corporate information systems mean that many people can now do their work wherever they happen to be. Mobility promises flexibility and less time wasted commuting. Yet the vast majority of people are still travelling to increasingly crowded cities, to an office, to work from 9 to 5. There are still a number of reality checks when it comes to realising the promise of mobility.

For some people, the camaraderie and social interaction in their workplace are important. It is also fair to say that management approaches are often still rooted in the industrial context in which they were first devised. Many organisations still have procedures and tools that have not been revised to take full advantage of the computing tools available, mobility in particular.  

Executives may be able to check their email while off site at a meeting or conference, but they need to return to the office to sign any documents that require their approval. Field staff may be able to access corporate data remotely and record inspection details on screen, but they need to return to the office to print and sign an inspection report. Participants in a procurement evaluation may be able to instantaneously collaborate on a selection report, but the final copy will take days to work its way through the internal mail for each of their signatures.

Online signing allows your team to be truly mobile and agile. Personal assistants can invite executive staff to sign documents, wherever they are, to create a true electronic original. Field staff can finalise their work without the overhead of trips back to the office. Teams can finalise reports, bids and other documents without the delays inherent with paper.

Your choice of online signature provider determines the reliability and authenticity of your signed documents.  Secured Signing gives every signer a personal, PKI based digital signature. Their signatures cannot be forged or copied to another document.  Any change to the signed document will invalidate the signature. Online digital signing is as easy as physical signing but gives you the immediacy of an electronic original and the confidence of a signature that can be independently verified offline.

To see how simple it is to sign a document online with the security of a digital signature, try a Secured Signing freeway account. 

Til next time

Cheers, John