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9 May 2013

Secured Signing Changes Procurement Processes

A common electronic procurement goes back to paper handling as soon as a signature is required, creating hassles, delays, and costly processes to all parties involved: the organisation, staff, suppliers, and customers. Yarra Ranges Shire Council and Manningham City Council chose to break this ineffective signing practice by using Secured Signing digital signature service:

“The efficiency gains and document security benefits of electronically signed documents is immense,” says Jason Farrugia, Manager Strategic Procurement at Yarra Ranges Shire Council. “Secured Signing has saved a lot of administration time and significantly reduced printing consumables, envelope and postage costs, and has also allowed us to be a greener organisation by reducing our paper consumption.”

Tim Lawson, Manager of Procurement Contracts at Manningham City Council added: “The primary driver has been about simplicity and making it quicker and simpler for people to sign; but it is nice to know we are also introducing a clearer audit trail into our signing process.”

In addition to the prompt digital signing of documents ranging from contracts, evaluation reports, or conflict of interest declarations, both Councils benefit from the assurance of a reliable User-Based PKI digital signature technology that ensures non-forgeable signatures and offers the highest level of security available today.

And, as Andrew Grove once said, “Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution.”

Till next time,  

Cheers, John


4 May, 2012

A recent article (22 April, 2012) by Brandon Bailey discussed the 2011 performance of businesses in Silicon Valley. Not surprisingly, Apple led the 150 large companies with $128 billion in annual sales, and astonishingly, nearly $33 billion profit. However, the picture across the board revealed mixed results, particularly when compared to 2010 figures. Slow financial recovery in the US, economic chaos in Europe, and Asia’s natural disasters, are all legitimate contributors according to Bailey. Nevertheless, there are a few exceptions that mainly come from “related trends- such as the explosive growth of social networking, cloud computing, and big data.”    

Any conclusion? While keeping in mind the ever-changing scenario of technological trends, it is obviously best to be on the side of current proven winning technology, whether as a manufacturer, consumer, or user. A recent KPMG report on the impact of cloud computing in Australia states: “it is clear from KPMG’s analysis that, should Australian organisations adopt cloud platforms as expected across their ICT requirements – as more mature markets such as the US suggest is likely – then the benefits at both the enterprise and aggregate economy level could be substantial.”  It continues to say:  “These include lowering ICT operation and capital expenditure by up to 25 percent and 50 percent respectively.” (The Australian, 2 May, 2012)

Whilst a conservative approach for handling budget and expenses would always require a careful review (of both), and a ‘stick to budget’ attitude, the ‘upgrade your technology’ rule should never be neglected, especially in the current business environment. Secured Signing’s digital signature cloud-based solution is no exception; businesses that choose to sign documents online with the Secured Signing service eliminate the printing, scanning, document storage, delivery, and handling of paper all together. Implementing eSignature service saves time, cuts operational and processing costs, expedites the entire business workflow, and frees up staff, budget, and other resources for their core business.

Sophie Beers, Yarra Ranges Council’s Procurement Officer concluded her exceptionally positive experience with the advanced electronic signature solution: “Time frames for signature on Evaluation Reports and Contracts have reduced from 1-2 weeks to a matter of an afternoon. Cost and time saving is literally immeasurable, and has paved the way for us to move wholly into paperless office.” 

I rest my case.

Till next time,

Cheers, John. 


16 February, 2012

City Councils around the world are looking for solutions to eliminate the lengthy, expensive, and inefficient paper handling of documents. Yarra Ranges Council, Victoria’s largest area of any metropolitan Council, took the matter into their hands and effectively implemented a Cloud-based electronic signature solution that streamlines and accelerates the Council’s procurement process 

“The move to electronic format was first discussed at the Local Government Sustainability Working Group by Graham Miller at Yarra City Council, and we all recognised the potential environmental benefits of reducing printing volumes,” explains Sophie Beers, Procurement Officer Yarra Ranges Council. “Compliance with Australia’s VIC Electronic Transactions Act 2000, low associated expenses, local presence and customers, a successful trial period, and realisation of additional advantages, have all contributed to the Council’s decision to adopt Secured Signing’s digital signature service.”   

Instead of producing numerous hard copies of declarations, reports, and contracts, in addition to separate letters of correspondence with suppliers, the easy-to-use online signing solution allows for the processing of hundreds of pages by multiple parties with just the click of a mouse.      

“While the electronic signing practice enhances the workflow of documents, it provides a higher level of security than hard copy execution does,” explains Mike Eyal, CEO of Secured Signing. “The user-based PKI digital signature technology supplies each user with a unique signing key (Digital ID) that is accessible only to that user.  The signed document is then sealed, and any changes made invalidate the signatures. In addition, the system automatically and instantly produces a report that tracks the movement of the document as it is signed by each individual.”

“Time frames for signature of Evaluation Reports and Contracts have reduced from one to two weeks into a matter of an afternoon,” says Ms. Beers. “Cost- and time-saving is literally immeasurable, and has paved the way for us to move wholly into a paperless office.” 

And, as Niccolo Machiavelli once said: “Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.”  

Till next time,  

Cheers, John