Digital Signature Service Meets Decision-making Preference

August 26, 2011

Successful business executives are constantly observing and investigating market trends and business environment changes. The continuous introduction of new technologies requires a persistent process of weighing up advantages and disadvantages in upgrading an existing process or pushing a business forward as is. This everlasting universal challenge and reality calls for decisive governance by business managers, directors, and board members.               

Whether their decision-making process follows a classic rational model (Paul C Nutt), a perception based, intuition decision-making style (Gary A. Klein), or a cooperative exploration of a relationship between the two (Edward De Bono), it is the IT acquisition strategy that is often considered to be the most powerful way for companies to meet their business needs and drive a strategically competitive advantage. The latter reflects a situation where businesses and organisations choose to create and work in a paperless environment, and sign their documents online.  

Digital Signature Decision-Making

While it is impossible to establish the particular-decision making process implemented by each purchaser of the user-based PKI digital signature (advanced electronic signature) cloud solution, the following criteria repeatedly emerges from customers’ testimonials:

  • Streamlined business process
  • Reduced costs – higher profits and income
  • Improved business productivity and efficiency
  • Highest level of security
  • Compliance with legal regulations
  • Satisfied customers
  • Green environment 

For these customers, the outcome of signing documents online with the Secured Signing service demonstrates a large degree of certainty that mirrors the results of their goals.   

And as Michael Rawls once said: “The greatest accomplishment began as a decision once made.”

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Cheers, John

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