Digital Signature Service Moves Local Government Ahead

Signing documents online using the legally compliant digital signature solution changes it all with just the click of a mouse! City Councils who use the advanced service shorten and streamline their work processes, slash costs, speed up and enhance business communication, increase staff efficiency, and significantly improve customer service to their local residents.

Digital Signature Service Offers 5 Options for Business Success

The fast growing worldwide implementation of digital signature technology among industries and businesses of all types and sizes exemplifies Victor Hugo’s words. Yet, reaching tangible great success requires not just a good idea, but also excellent execution. Secured Signing’s cloud computing, user–based, PKI digital signature compliant service combines the two, and offers five simple choices:

The Digital Signature Pick

Digital signature online service: A cloud-based, (SaaS) compliant solution that allows organisations of any size and type – and their customers / business associates – to securely sign documents online. The signed document is sealed with the signatory’s trusted PKI User-Based digital signatures key. If the document is modified in any way, the signatures immediately become invalid! The cloud environment eliminates the need to install any software, provides users with access from anywhere, anytime, and includes the unique ability to design the signing process workflow.

Digital Signature Service for Business On The Go

A successful example of business use of the Tablet PC is the companies that wish to get rid of the hassle of a paper trail, need to complete a signing process in electronic format, and want to avoid the downloading of an application form. These businesses incorporate into their workflow the digital signature solution that enables sales reps and customers (in the store, or remotely) to complete the whole process on-the-go: view the document, capture graphical signature, and execute the contract. This profitable implementation provides all parties involved with a current, prompt, and efficient service that reduces costs, improves customer service, and promotes a Green paperless environment.

Digital Signature Service is the Recipe to Captivate Your Customers

The ever increasing deployment of digital signature service to sign documents online provides a very good example of the many businesses that have changed their processes to an electronic format. While the shift enables them to expedite and streamline procedures, cut costs, improve staff efficiency, and become environmentally friendly, one of the major drivers behind this move is their customers’ expectation and invaluable satisfaction from the prompt and efficient customer service. This key performance indicator establishes the entire perception of their company.

Digital Signature Solution Offers Reliable Verification Service

The exceptional capabilities of the user-based PKI digital signature solution offers the advantages described above with legal compliance and highest security marks. Furthermore, its exclusive verification tool provides a clear answer to the following legitimate concerns when signing documents online.

The Cloud that Changes and Challenges Decision Makers

The triumphant adoption of the digital signature Cloud service for signing electronic documents online by mid to large-size organisations serve as a great example to the above: a successful, well planned incorporation of a reliable, and professional service that connects both IT and senior management with the highest level of advanced electronic signature technology.

Digital Signature – Governments’ Choice for Electronic Documents

Following the development of electronic products and services and worldwide legal recognition of electronic signatures, an increasing number of Ministries adopt digital signature technology for signing online electronic documents. The preferred choice seems very logical in light of the apparent ability to alter or copy electronic documents that can be used in unauthorized ways. The form of user-based PKI digital signature that utilises encryption technology to sign documents ensures that the signature is uniquely linked to the signatory and document, and that any changes can be immediately detected.

Digital Signature Delivers Instant Mass Invitations

The superior functionality, feature’s simplicity, legal compliance, and security level of the user-based PKI digital signature (advanced electronic signature) technology are second to none! The elimination of paper handling, reduced expenses, and satisfied end users who experience exceptional customer service – are all testimony to the effectiveness mentioned above.

Digital Signature – A Way to Win a Woman’s Heart

A user-based PKI digital signature adequately indicates the signatory’s sole custody and approval of the information to which the signature relates. The encrypted electronic signature authenticates signatures and documents as genuine, and therefore, makes the signing of documents online secure, efficient, and fast.