Seven workplace productivity myths to avoid at all costs

Productivity is a tricky science to master for businesses. What works for one industry, company and even employee might not work for another. In many ways, that’s why productivity tools exist: to give even the smallest businesses a chance to intelligently and flexibly make improvements in a way that suits them. Productivity tools include those that allow safe but broad access to the information people need whenever they want it, digital signing tools for added speed and efficiency when handling documents, and data dashboards that give you insights across your entire enterprise at the click of a button.

Digital Signatures: How to Unlock Practical Benefits for Your Business

You may have heard about digital signatures, but you’re not sure whether it has any practical benefit for your business. The case for digital signing is compelling. ● Eighty-percent of companies who implemented digital signatures saw a return on investment in the first year. ● Twenty-five percent saw ROI within three months. But the most immediate impact is the massive boost to productivity companies have seen on the back of digital signatures. We’ll discuss some of the most valuable uses for digital signatures using real-world examples.

Integrations 101– What You Need to Know

In the last decade there has been much change in the tech world. One of those changes is the increase in popularity for systems integrations. Many customers are looking for system integrations, and rightly so, there are many benefits that come from an integration.