Secured Signing offers the best of both worlds – Independent verification and cloud based archive of signed documents

Independent verification of signed documents is so important. We know it is one of the key reasons people choose Secured Signing. It is the reason Secured Signing uses a personal PKI digital signature for every document signed. The signed document contains everything needed to verify the document is authentic and reliable. We don’t need to keep a copy of your document so we don’t.

Adding Document Review to Your Signing Workflow Made Simple in Secured Signing’s Summer 2017 Release

It may be that your manager may need to approve an agreement before it is sent to a supplier to sign. There may also be a need to get approval from the customer's accountant or lawyer before they sign your document. Whatever the specific reason, adding a reviewer into the signing workflow automates the process and ensures you have a record of the approval right in the document log.

Secured Signing Success in 2016

We have a seen a range of new Connectors come on stream including the RDB ProNet and Recruit Online systems used in the recruitment industry as well as the FinPower Connect loan management system.

Why You Should Be Using Online Forms: The Reader’s Digest Version

Online forms also allow you to stop wasting time and effort on data entry. An integrated Form Direct solution will give you not only a signed form for your records but also update your core business software with the information it contains; no data entry required. This saves time, wasted effort and removes the potential for keying errors to creep into your database.

Achieving Process Compliance with Secured Signing

Secured Signing customers across a range of industries have been able to wipe out the costs and time lost to manually recording compliance with their consumer protection obligations. Implementing a tailored signing workflow allows them to demonstrate process based compliance.

Online Signing a Key Ingredient for a Mobile Workforce

Online signing allows your team to be truly mobile and agile. Personal assistants can invite executive staff to sign documents, wherever they are, to create a true electronic original. Field staff can finalise their work without the overhead of trips back to the office. Teams can finalise reports, bids and other documents without the delays inherent with paper.

Secured Signing Digital Signature Platform – Plays Well With Others

There are many, many people who love the simplicity and speed of Secured Signing just as it is. For quite a few of our business customers though, they are seeing even greater time saving and convenience by integrating Secured Signing to their core software system. This post explores the myriad of ways you can integrate Secured Signing to the software you use all day, every day.