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Secured Signing Provides Free Digital Signature with Certificate for Document Signing

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Secured Signing, Market Leader of PKI Digital Signature in the Cloud Offers its Users Free Account and Digital ID for Secure and Compliant Online Signing.

Secured Signing service today announced the availability of its new Free Account apparatus. This beneficial customer-focused, simple to use tool, allows anyone from everywhere, at anytime to sign or invite others to sign up to three online documents per month, free of charge. Implementation of this valuable option enables new and existing customers to repeatedly experience the advantages of a secure, legally binding, globally successful online signing solution.

In today’s cloud business environment, companies are looking for an economical, yet reliable, system. Secured Signing’s service meets both criteria. The User-Based PKI digital signature technology guarantees customers’ confidence with its user’s unique certificate (Digital ID), sealing of signed document, tracking reports, and detection of any changes made after the document is signed.

"Secured Signing’s Free Account option provides any type of business with an easy access to a very secure and advanced technology at no cost,” said Mike Eyal, Managing Director, Secured Signing. “This offer is another testimony to Secured Signing’s ongoing commitment to provide a quality customer service and world-class system that enhances streamlined and efficient business processes while it delivers immediate proven results."

As a powerful turnkey solution, customers who require the signing of more documents are able to upgrade their free account to a full account with just the click of a mouse! In addition, like all Secured Signing’s users, they have access to a wide variety of products and features including API’s functionality, online fill-in and signing of forms, use of Smartphone and Tablet devices, and many more that integrate seamlessly into their operational infrastructure while supplying the last step of a truly paperless process.

Companies interested in opening a free account with Secured Signing should visit the Secured Signing Free Account page.