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Account Features FREE Business Enterprise
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Number of Signatures Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Users per Account 1 user 1 - 10 users Contact Us
Personalise X509 PKI Digital Signatures
Sign Docx, Doc, ODT, ODS, Xls, Xlsx, RTF, PDF
MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS or Authenticator App
I Sign
We Sign
Invitee Authentication – Email / Passcode
Invitee Authentication Type – Password
Invitee Authentication Type – SMS
Invitee Authentication Type – ID Verification with face Matching
Invitee Authentication Type – Knowledge Based Authentication
Broadcasting Up to 3 Document Plan Limit Document Plan Limit
Signing Due Date
Signing Workflow - Sequential or None Sequential Order
Review before signing
Reminders scheduler
Invitation and reminders send by SMS
Branded Signing Page
Additional Notification Recipient
Reviewer Workflow
Reviewer Portal
Additional Completion Recipient
Notification Portal
Packaging - Multiple Documents
Form Filler
Fillable online Forms
Smart Form
Publish a link at your website
Export form’s fields Data
Multi Page Signing
Smart Tag (MS Word and PDF integration)
Document Audit Trail
Document Signature Verification Service
Video Confirmation
Document Negotiation
Face To Face (F2F)
Video Signing
Remote Online Notarization
ID Verification with Face Matching
Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) USA only
Remote Certificate Sign (sign using your own X509 certificate)
E-mail Alerts
Email Reminder
Email Branding
Email Templates: Invitation, Reminders, Completion
Shared Folder – Collaboration Workflow
History - Save signed documents on removal
Preferred Cloud storage
Integration with Google Doc, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive
ID Check - NZ Real Me
ID Check - NZ Passport
ID Check - NZ Driver License
Public Form
AUS - Tax File Number (TFN)
AUS - Superannuation (super) standard Choice
NZ – IR330
NZ – IR330C
NZ – Kiwi Saver -KS2
NZ - Kiwi Saver -KS10
NZ - ACC 6231- Pre-employment check
UK – PAYE- Starter Checklist
My Apps
Form Direct – (Setup fee)
Secured Signing converts your forms to a truly digital online process with your business rules validations, branding, and signing workflow.
Includes - Online Customised Forms, Branding Signing Page, Business rules validation, Packaging and Customised signing workflow
Workflow – (Setup fee)
Secured Signing customised workflow allows a unique digital process to fill-in and sign forms. It initiates signing of any document type, enables you to attach files to an email invitation, customises email notification, and uploads documents from form page while taking photo by mobile device.
Includes - Customised Workflow, Combined We Sign and Form Direct process and Smart Tag integration
Certify – (Setup fee)
Secured Signing allows certifying of documents with your professional seal. Only one Certify signature may be applied on a document. Certify function is very popular with Notaries Public.
Includes - PKI Certify Signature and Notary
Enterprise Admin Portal
Management Reports
Users Account Management
One Bill / Cost Centre
Secured Signing Private Labelling
Web based Accounts Management System
Single Sign On (SSO)
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