Secured Signing for JobAdder

An advanced digital signing and document workflow solution for when you need more than the basics

Secured Signing offer the most feature-rich and secure integration solution available to JobAdder.

Using advanced personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology and an easy to use interface users can send contracts, onboarding forms, quotes, compliance forms, and other documents to clients & candidates for signing on any device in just a few clicks.

  • Improves User Experience - fits in with existing workflows and gives clients and candidates a simple, user experience they'll love.
  • Saves Time Following Up – System automatically reminds people to sign documents for you and alerts you if they haven't.
  • Saves Time Searching For Documents - signed documents attach to the exact right candidate or client automatically in JobAdder.
  • Updates JobAdder Records - No more manual double data entry, all form’s data automatically updated in JobAdder records when signing process is completed.
  • Ensures Compliance - Admin users can oversee document collection and signing across the organisation.

Book your free demo now and see for yourself how Secured Signing can help your recruitment business or HR department.


How we compare to HelloSign

  Secured Signing HelloSign
Document Signing
Secure PKI Encryption
Seals your documents + way to detect changes in the future independently.
Build your own reminder schedule – never chase a document for signing
Signed document(s) and any attachments saved in JobAdder
Convert your existing paper documents into digital templates using any JobAdder (including custom fields) fields with our comprehensive template builder
2 way data flow – push & pull information in forms to & from JobAdder
Management tool to oversee company compliance
Easily accessible & helpful support team
Automate your processes with workflow triggers

Book your free demo now and see for yourself how Secured Signing can help your recruitment business or HR department work smarter.

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Each user you connect can send up to 25 documents in the first 14 days.
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Sign Up Now, This is How:

  1. In JobAdder, Go to Setting -> Admin -> Apps & Find Secured Signing.
  2. Click Connect to connect both the organisation & Users – Find more instructions here.
  3. To configure your Secured Signing account (add your branding, build templates) visit our User Guide for detailed instructions.