Form Direct - Online Form Signing

Invite, Fill in and eSign your forms

Invite, Fill in and eSign your forms


Why Form Direct?

Organisations often require a customer’s signature on a document as part of their business process. Money, time, and other resources are invested to create state-of-the-art online forms, but as many cases show, in order to get a customer’s signature on the form, a hard copy must be printed. The electronic chain is broken and slows down the business process; this reduces efficiency, increases handling costs, adds time, and results in unsatisfied customers. Form Direct Secured Signing’s solves all of this with just a click of a mouse!

What is Form Direct?

Form Direct, Secured Signing’s innovative product, allows customers to fill in and promptly sign an electronic form on their desktop, browser, or any other device. A link to access the online form can be sent in an email invitation, or it can be embedded in your website.

How it works?

  1. The organisation / business simply sends their forms to Secured Signing with their specific business rules and outline of signing process workflow.
  2. Secured Signing creates smart online forms or a web-based page.
  3. The custom-designed forms are then added to the organisation’s Secured Signing Form Direct account.
  4. The account owner selects their specific form/s from the list, and sends it out as an e-mail invitation to the invitee to fill-in / sign.
  5. Secured Signing offers a package option that enables the delivery of multiple forms to a single invitee via one email invitation. The account owner selects the particular form and adds it to the package before sending it out as one email invitation.
  6. Copies of the signed document in PDF format will be sent to all parties when the signing process has been completed.

Form n’Go

Form n’Go enables users to invite signatories to fill in any type of form and sign online from their mobile devices. Its advanced locator functionality identifies the precise location of signatories and adds an extra layer of security and assurance.

This simple application allows Secured Signing’s customers to promptly complete and sign any document whether they are at work, at home, or on-the-go.

Secured Signing’s Personalised X509 PKI digital signature technology seals the document immediately after the invitee securely eSigns with their handwritten signature. The Secured Signing system automatically e-mails the document (in PDF format) to all parties involved.

Try it on your mobile

To learn more about Form n’Go, view the Form n’Go Demo from your mobile device or HTML5 Browser. No signup required for this demo.

Form Direct key benefits:
  • Obtains your customer's signature in seconds
  • Streamlines and speeds up your business process
  • Trusted and legally binding digital signature technology
  • Signed forms are sealed and secured
  • Saves time and money
  • Customised signing workflow
  • All parties receive signed form by e-mail
  • Detailed audit trail and form log
  • Promotes paperless, green environment

Face to Face (F2F)

Face to Face signing with Secured Signing enables you to execute the contract document or agreement right there in the meeting with your customer. It is the perfect solution for meeting with clients, or taking the paper out of your process for in store signing of agreements. The signer authenticates themselves using the SMS code and simply signs on screen. Video confirmation of identity can also be used in the Face to Face signing process. Of course your signed document is secured and tamper proofed with a personal, PKI based digital signature.

Sharing a Face to Face signing process with another user provides great support for multiple branch locations. A document created at head office can be shared with a branch office account. The customer meeting with the staff at that branch can enter their code into the branch's Face to Face Portal to bring up their document and sign it.

In tablet or kiosk mode, Face to Face signing combines customer convenience with the highest levels of authenticity and reliability.

  • Sign the document straight away in the meeting with the customer
  • Take the paperwork out of signing agreements in store.
  • The simplest way to provide tablet and kiosk based online signing
  • No requirement for customer to respond to emails or use their own device
  • Local signing at multiple branch locations supported
  • Tamper proof electronic originals secured by PKI based digital signatures

Video Confirmation

Secured Signing's video confirmation of the identity of the signer complements the inherent authenticity and reliability of PKI digital signatures, to provide unchallengeable proof of who signed the document. The video recording captures the signer performing gestures specific to the document and recorded in the document log. The location and password for the confirmation video are contained in the signed document. The tamper proof mechanism of the digital signature ensures the video confirmation details cannot be altered without invalidating the signature.

Video confirmation provides the highest confidence in the identity of the signer.

  • Easy confirmation of identity for the signer
  • No need for costly and complex identity document checks
  • Secure, encrypted storage of identity confirmation video
  • Video confirmation details secured by tamper proof PKI based digital signature
  • Sophisticated biometric authentication not able to be bypassed with static images
  • Gesture requirements specific to the document being signed

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