Secured Signing Digital Signatures functionality integrated in systems you already use.

Setup document templates, invite, fill-in, sign, store, and monitor the signing process directly from the applications you use daily.


Secured Signing for Salesforce adds your signed documents from Secured Signing to Salesforce on completion of the signing process. Our integration updates Salesforce with documents and data entered into forms. For new records the connector will create new leads, accounts or contacts, and updating existing records if needed.

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RDB Pronet
RDB PRONET Recruitment Software

RDB ProNet is the Industry Leading Recruitment Platform delivering Serious Search Speed and Versatility.

Secured Signing for documents is available as a 360° integrated plugin for RDB ProNet, providing seamless preparation, distribution, signature, receipt and filing fields for documents and forms in the recruitment process. The plugin has been specifically designed to minimise administration time and costs whilst also offering the most advanced and secure mechanisms to ensure compliance with a range of stringent international standards. RDB users can create, send, receive and manage all signed documents for Applicants, Clients, Jobs and Placements all from within RDB system.

The plugin is available at RDB Store, access to the store from RDB application.

Plugin User Guide, watch Secured Signing Plugin for RDB video at

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RecruitOnline Cloud Recruitment Payroll and Invoicing Solution

Secured Signing integration for RecruitOnline gives recruiters a paperless, end to end process for TFN and Super Choice forms without leaving the CRM platform

The integration enables recruiters to send tax file number (TFN) declarations and super choice forms to the candidate or employee from the Tools menu in Recruit Online. Employer details are pre-filled making it simpler for the candidate and ensuring these details are correct, with support for multiple corporate entities or branch details to be pre-filled. Filling and signing the form online removes the delays, inconvenience and cost of working with paper forms and provides visibility of the process. Watch this demo for how it works.

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Secured Signing with Real Me Provides Proof of Signer’s Identity

Integrating the New Zealand Government backed RealMe identity service with Secured Signing’s signing workflow gives you proof of identity for the person is signing your document. As part of the signing process, the signer is asked to authenticate themselves to RealMe to verify their identity. Once the ID check is successful, the signing process can be completed and the verification details are embedded in the signed document.

RealMe is New Zealand’s foremost online identity verification service backed by the New Zealand Government and New Zealand Post. With the benefits of biometric identification as part of this toolkit, Secured Signing gives you the confidence to know your customer in moving your business online. RealMe integration is available to any Secured Signing account ‘out of the box’. Simply open an account and tick the box to enable ID Check.

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FinPOWER Connect – Lending and Investments Software

finPOWER Connect, the Loans Management System for the Hire Purchase, Finance, Lending and Investment Industries is integrated to Secured Signing.

The connector allows you to invite borrowers and brokers to sign loan agreements and other document types from within FinPOWER. The online signing process is convenient and quick, enabling documents to be executed within minutes. The signed document is stored in finPOWER against the borrower and loan records. This ensures you always have ready access to the electronic original and avoids the wasted effort in manual handling and scanning of paper.

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Download the plugin User Guide for instructions on how to get started. You can also watch our handy tutorial videos for more information

FastTrack360 is the complete recruit, pay, bill solution

FastTrack provides the business platform of choice for leading staffing organisations globally. Core to this is the innovative FastTrack360 end-to-end Recruit-Time-Pay-Bill cloud-hosted software solution.

With Secured Signing integration to the FastTrack360 Marketplace recruiters are equipped to generate and post documents to candidates with a single click, providing an exceptional, convenient and quick customer experience. The integrated process ensures signed documents are saved to FastTrack360 with zero administrative effort.

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eSignPay – Sign Payment Authorisation and Paid online

eSignPay™ is a real-time payment solution and a new partner app for Secured Signing that offers a fast and easy way to collect signatures and payments together.

eSignPay can transform your business process by adding electronic payments. Now any business can accept encrypted real-time payments on their mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. eSignPay adds secure payment processing to the Secured Signing service. Using eSignPay, Secured Signing users can accept credit cards, debit cards and direct bank account debits (ach, bacs, sepa or eft). eSignPay makes collecting signatures and payments a reality using the trusted Secured Signing platform. Supports multi-currency payment processing.

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LAWHAWK - Online Automated Legal Document Templates

LawHawk provide document automation solutions using HotDocs, the world’s leading document automation software. They specialise in the custom automation of complex legal documents, like loan and security documents and employment agreements, where their years of legal experience ensure documents assemble as they need to every time for maximum efficiency with lowest risk of error.

LawHawk have built HotDocs components that can automatically generate customised Secured Signing smart tags, and embed them instantly in your documents as part of document assembly.

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Connect to Google Drive Connect to Dropbox Connect to One Drive
Connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive

Connect to your preferred cloud storage account to store your Secured Signing documents. You can directly sign or invite other people to sign from your Google Drive or select documents from your preferred cloud storage to initiate the signing process. Once the signing process has been completed, the signed documents will be automatically saved in the cloud storage of your choice.

Read User Guide for Google Drive for more details.

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Google Doc
Google Doc

Businesses and customers are looking for convenience and want to sign documents online without the hassle of printing, signing and re-scanning forms. They want to maintain the electronic chain. The Secured Signing Google Doc Add-on will give you the most direct way to add signatures, invite others to sign, add form fields, and monitor the signing process from Google Doc , your preferred document creation platform. Once to signing process has been completed, the signed document will be saved directly in your Google Doc account.

Read User Guide for Google Doc for more details.

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Think Smart
Think Smart

ThinkSmart LLC, a leading SaaS provider of Digital Transaction Management (DTM) software, helps people to design, deploy and build smart automated workflows that accelerate their business processes and operations and transform their enterprises. The ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP) provides intuitive drag and drop tools enabling companies and government entities to quickly design, build and implement any workflow with no additional IT support required. Think Smart partnered with Secured Signing to offer the highest level of secured signing to their customers. You can add to your workflow a signing process with personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology and enables the customization of a full range of eForm and eSignature capabilities.

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Auckland District Law Society
ADLS – Auckland District Law Society

ADLS, an independent, national membership organisation for legal professionals, has over 4,500 members and produces and maintains over 100 widely used online legal forms, including New Zealand’s popular Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate. Secured Signing and ADLS have teamed up to launch digital signing within the WebForms platform, which enables legal practitioners to manage and track the digital signing process from one platform.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM365
Microsoft Dynamics 365

Secured signing for Dynamics 365 lets you prepare documents for e-Signature with a few clicks

You can automate your document creation by using our smart tag technology.

Also reduce manual data entry and errors with a two-way data flow - to & from Dynamics 365. Easily track & manage documents in real-time and automatically store e-signed documents and audit trails directly in Dynamics 365 to truly simplify your signing process.

For more information on how to get started check out our Dynamics 365 User Guide or watch Secured Signing Plugin for Microsoft Dynamics 365 video.

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