Never chase a client from your legal firm for a signature again with PKI secured digital signature software

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4 reasons law firms around the world are using Secured Signing


Saves Time & Hassle

No more printing, scanning and emailing documents. Send documents digitally and allow clients to securely sign online in minutes. We'll even chase them to finish the process automatically and store the signed document in your system.


Improves Client Experience

Clients hate being chased for signatures almost as much as your lawyers hate chasing them. Digital signing improve client experience by giving them a quick & painfree way to sign documents from any device.


Increases Compliance

Our templates ensure every document sent by staff is the latest version and is 100% accurate. Clients are prompted where to sign so they don't miss a page. All signed documents are then stored in the right file or folder automatically so they can be easily found in the future.


Enables Identification

Secured Signing is built for identifying and proving who signed documents. Advanced features such as requiring video confirmation of signees, extensive audit trails and logs and time stamps ensure you can prove who signed what document, when.

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In this FREE webinar for lawyers and law firms you'll find out how to get documents and contracts signed safely & securely online so that business can continue no matter where you or your clients are. Plus you'll find out about the many unique features for lawyers such as video confirmation, witnessing, effective date, document negotiation and more.

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Packed full of features to save time, money & hassle

tick Templates

Sending the same document to new clients or staff all of the time? Use our document templates to send documents quickly & accurately with just a few taps.

tick Reminders

Let us take care of reminding clients and staff to sign documents with our automated email + sms reminders which can be customised easily.

tick Security

Ensure documents are securely sent & signed and aren't left on a printer somewhere. Our software is PKI encrypted signature and doesn't store documents for long term archiving on your behalf after signing.

tick Integrations

Initiate signing process and store documents to many popular law and file storage systems (such as Contract Eagle) automatically ensuring they are signed to the right client file and are easily findable later when needed.

tick Automation

Grow your business more efficiently using automated workflows such as client onboarding that will trigger and send the right documents for signing at the right time.

tick Witnesses

Easily add witnesses into contracts and documents that require it and control the workflow of who signs a document when, no matter where they are in the world.

tick Video Confirmation

Verify the identity of signee's using our video confirmation technology which is easy for signee's to use and extremely hard to forge.

tick Time Stamping

Each signature includes date and time stamps for evidence on when the signing action took place. This is all stored in our extensive audit log.

tick Staff Onboarding

Improve your own staff onboarding with pre-built government forms for payroll and tax. Makes onboarding new team members fast & efficient.

tick Effective Date

At the end of the signing process stamp the signed documents with the effective date for contract execution and send the completed document + effective date to all parties.

tick Document Negotiation

A complete document workflow from negotiation, review through to secure digital signing. Parties in the negotiation can markup, modify documents, add text, add pages and send to advisors until agreement is reached.

tick Contracts Management

Integrate with Contract Management Life cycle solutions to automate contract renewal and get contracts digitally signed at the right time with no hassle

You can even get documents signed in a live, real-time video call
Secured Signing also offers Video Signing - an all-in-one video conferencing + document signing platform where you can get documents signed in a live, real-time video call between two (or up to 50) parties. It's simple and easy to use from anywhere in the world and on any device with no additional video conferencing required.
With a secure signed document & video evidence showing disclaimers have been read and the contract understood it's a very effective way to identify who's signing, prove their intent & ensure document non-repudiation.
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client and lawyers

Client and Lawyers can also sign in person

Whilst digital signing via email and mobile devices will simplify everything your legal firm does we realise business is still done face-to-face. With Secured Signing you can also safely and securely have clients and staff sign and fill out documents in-person on your computer, a tablet or their own device removing the need for more paperwork in your office.

Don't just take our word from it, check out what our other customers in the legal industry had to say:

"Signing documents online with Secured Signing is the online equivalent of the signatories being in the same room together"

Rick Shera, Partner
LOWNDES JORDAN Barristers & Solicitors

"Technology is really important to me. I wanted to be a paperless office. Secured Signing fitted in with that model. I wanted to make the most of technology, and I knew that if I did that we'd run a much more efficient practice"

Emma Stanley Law
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