Secured Signing for Legal Firms

Signing documents online with Secured Signing is the online equivalent of the signatories being in the same room together

Rick Shera, Partner, LOWNDES JORDAN Barristers & Solicitors

In many cases in order to obtain a clients’ valid signature on a legal document , the document needs to be scanned, printed or faxed and sent via courier or the SecuredSigningClient will need to make arrangements to come in to the offices often taking time off work, navigating traffic and looking for car parking. Signing off important legal documents can be costly and timely. The Secured Signing service provides an innovative way for digitally signing online legal documents that is ideal for your firm!

Secured Signing is a compliant, safe and efficient digital signature solution that improves and accelerates the carrying out of contracts, agreements and business processes for legal firms to the satisfaction of their customers. Many Legal firms found that digital signing has improved their profitability, reduced errors and also enabled efficient archiving of signed documents for auditing purposes.