Why Secured Signing

Many customers worldwide are using Secured Signing to sign their documents online. Read below to see the robust direct benefits to their businesses:

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Ultimate Secure Digital Signatures Technology

Secured Signing service uses digital signature technology that provides unique signing keys for each signatory. This User Based digital signatures solution seals and protects your electronic document with the first signature. The sophisticated solution automatically detects any changes made to the document, immediately invalidates the signatures, and promptly notifies all parties involved.

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Worldwide Legal Compliance

Signing documents with Secured Signing complies with e-signature laws worldwide, and is valid and legally enforceable as an equivalent to a signed paper contract. Secured Signing service is compliant with ESIGN and UETA (USA), and Electronic Transactions Acts in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada (UECA), China, and with Europe’s EU VAT Directive and many more.

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Boosts Efficiency and Slash Expenditure

Signing documents online with Secured Signing stops the printing, scanning, binding, document storage, and other handling of paper. It saves time, cuts your operational costs, expedites the contract signing process from days to seconds, streamline the entire business workflow, and free up staff, budget, and resources for your core business.

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Promotes Paperless Green Environment

Stop and eliminate the Print – Sign - Scan - Deliver process for getting a document signed. Save paper and storage space, cut back on power consumption and reduce dependence on carbon-producing services that would typically be required to move a document cross-city or oversees just to get sign-off by an authorised representative. Go paperless - it’s good for the environment, and good for your business!

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Evidence Audit Trail

Secured Signing service provides a valuable detailed audit trail of the signing process to all parties involved as soon as it is completed. The registered information gives a precise reference to verify activities and time frames related to the signing of documents and sensitive data. The Audit trail report can be used as a proof for audit purposes, and in case of a dispute.

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Eliminates Software Hassle

No Software, No hardware, No installation, No download, No training! Secured Signing offers you the ultimate solution for signing documents online — anywhere, anytime. Use your Mac, PC, or Mobile device to sign documents from your home, office, or on the run.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer! With Secured Signing, you provide a high quality customer service along with a positive, simple website experience. The Secured Signing solution will help you to communicate and respond quickly to your customers’ needs, get their signing approval in seconds, and close deals faster.